Family Portrait Fundraisers




Just Picture This...


Family Portrait Day is a fantastic way to raise money for your school or organization. Schools, Churches, Sports Teams, Relay for Life and many other organizations have used Kirk Photography services to raise funds. It is an easy simple way and you'll be amazed at your profits. We have the experience, knowledge and the desire to help you reach your goals.


A portrait fundraiser that is extremely simple and easy to run by your organization. Your school simply sells coupons for a beautiful 8x10 family portrait ($65.00 value with sitting fee) for coupon saving price of $27.95. ($7.00 is included for postage and handling to have your 8x10 mailed directly to your home).  Your organization must sell 50 or more coupons and your organization keeps $21.00 for every coupon sold! You may sell your coupon at a higher price.


Kirk Photography will set up a professional studio right at your school or organization on the date of Family Portrait Day.


How Family Portrait Day Fund Raiser Works

1.  Two people from your organization have volunteered to run Family Portrait Day.

2. A Portrait Day and time has been selected.

Your organization will be sent a flyer/form to send home to parents.

Selling time for coupons should allow at least three to four weeks for selling.

3. Flyers are handed out or emailed through school to families. Spread the word about Family Portrait Day with flyers, newspapers, and word of mouth.

5. Coupons or emails are returned by the deadline date to schools with payment made out to your organization.

6. The committee can start scheduling appointments for Portrait Day, each appointment is scheduled five minutes apart leaving the last five minutes of each hour open. Two-hour time slots are filled then additional hours can be added.  Example: 9-4 time slot, first use up 9-11 am and then go to 12 pm and so on.

7. Families come on Portrait Day to have their picture taken.

8.  7 -10 days later families view their images online. Order forms are sent to Kirk Photography or orders may be placed online depending on the program offered. After choosing their 8x10 families may choose additional portraits, greeting cards and many novelty items we offer and order them online.



Points your Committee should know

In order for this special unique program to work 50 families must attend.

Coupon can be used for children without parents in the photograph. 

Coupons limited to one per family.

8x10 portrait cannot be substituted for another size.

More than one pose is taken and families have different poses to choose from.