FAQ For School Directors & Teachers

Need Some Answers, We've Got This 

                                             Why Choose C. Kirk Photography?

We have been in business for over 25 years

 We use the latest digital technology
 We offer a graduation picture day program 
 We offer a variety of packages to fit every budget 
 Directors get to choose from a large variety of backgrounds
 Picture day can be used as a fundraiser for your school. Call for more detail
Does your company offer any other fundraising programs?
Yes at certain times of the year we have a family portrait night. This usually takes place a few weeks before the holidays. This gives us enough time to have your packages back in time for the holidays. See "Family Portrait Fundraisers" for more detailed information about this fantastic way to raise money for your school or organization.

How Does School Picture Day Work?
Traditional way
We supply all flyers, envelopes, reminders, and stickers for picture day.
A few weeks before picture day all these materials will be delivered to your school.
Teachers can hand out the picture day flyers with the attached envelope to all students. Reminder stickers can be
placed on younger children's clothes or backpack. Parents can fill out the flyer and insert payment in the attached
envelope and return it to school on picture day. Parents can also pre-pay online.
Our new online program
as a school or organization you can opt in for the following program. 
We have implemented a new online picture program that has eliminate physical forms and  envelopes. This program is called photoday. You can view pictures online before you purchase, crop your pictures to your liking, create a photoday account, download the photoday app to your android, iphone or tablet. Each student will have their own private gallery. learn more

What is your refund policy?
Our refund policy is simple. If for some reason your not happy with your pictures we will send you a 
100% refund check. Just pop the pictures in an envelope and send them back to us with your first & Last name, full address, phone number, child's name, grade, teacher's name, package you chose & amount you paid to: C. Kirk Photography 204 Washington Ave Hillsdale NJ Zip 07642.
As soon as we receive the package we will send you a refund. If you paid by credit card the charges
will be reversed. If you prefer you can fill out and print our online refund form